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Shop Policies

Collection of personal information 
DollyLens collects personal information from buyers to ensure accurate placement of orders, calculation of fees and delivery of goods to their proper destinations in their excellent condition.

Data collected by DollyLens will be stored until the goods are shipped to their proper destinations and will automatically be trashed once transaction is confirmed.

Cancellation of Orders
If you wish to cancel your order, you may immediately contact DollyLens at

DollyLens may issue a refund if:
1. Clients didn't received their order
2. Goods are damaged upon delivery
3. Other reasons we may consider

Refunds are done through Paypal.

Vials that are opened will not be replaced. Replacement of lenses with factory defects are only allowed. DollyLens observe strict handling and checking of lenses before it reaches its delivery point. Check the lenses at the bottom of the vial if there are any defects or problems before opening. If so, clients should ship back the damaged lenses and once damaged lenses are received, DollyLens will replace the lenses immediately or issue a refund.

If you wish to change your choice of lens, immediately contact DollyLens at

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Hello Doll! =) Welcome to DollyLens, your source of dolly yet natural looking lenses at an affordable rate! Each pair of lens comes with free contact lens case! Check promo page for other promo details! DollyLens loves you and your eyes! Happy Shopping!

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